Signe Metro Newspaper Dress Contest 2012

Dress: Exclusive Dress

In the contest signed by Metro in collaboration with LaSalle College, the Journal Metro has asked young fashion design students to create dresses made of newsprint.

Inspirations :
To create my dress, I drew inspiration from my Japanese culture and from the North-American culture. I will most probably use some origami techniques, but I will also play with volume and contemporary lines. I tried to create a dress where the paper and its writings would be put at the forefront so that people feel like going up to the dress and reading its articles, as they would with a newspaper!

– Before –

Why did you decide to participate in the Signé Métro contest?
I felt like introducing my work to others and sharing my inspirations.

What type of challenges do you think you will encounter during the making of your dress?
Actually, I already began experimenting and handling the paper isn’t as easy as I thought! I will definitely be using glue to make it harder. That being said, paper is a very interesting material to work with. Even if it’s not always obvious, I am having a great time!

– After –

What did you enjoy most from this experience?
I am very happy with my dress because it turned out exactly what I imagined. Through this experience I have gained my knowledge, techniques and motivation at the same time!

What was the biggest challenge that you had to face?
It was my first time to make a dress using the newspapers. At first, I thought that it would be easy to work on but I definitely underestimated it. It was actually harder than sewing with the actual fabrics. Especially for the bustier part (top). You have to be very gentle and careful because the paper will rip easily.





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